I have quite a few new books up on Amazon Kindle and elsewhere:

FATHERS AND SONS, WAR AND LOVE  (3 books with a father-son-love-war theme in one bundle)




Letters to My Sons, an e-book on Amazon Kindle and Smashwords.com


I WILL NOT GO THE F**K TO SLEEP by Benny Profane.

This is a short book, with ONLY parenting humor–a child’s ridiculous excuses for not going to sleep, 2 chapters.

An imaginary precocious child responds to Adam Mansbach’s book

I WILL NOT GO THE F**K TO SLEEP  (Subtitle: & Other Preposterously Wacky Essays, on some platforms)


which has been well-reviewed and liked, and is a GENERAL ANTHOLOGY of humor starting with a child’s excuses for NOT going to sleep (mostly different excuses from the other books)
is not free, and never will be (until and if I become a millionaire, or wealthy enough to move out of my one-room dwelling).
You are free to buy both if you wish: they are sufficiently different.