Calling all lovers of political and general humor, humor with bite, those who are reasonably well-informed and equally comfortable with THE DAILY SHOW with Jon Stewart and SOUTH PARK, with its occasional f-words and subversive humor.

THE EMPIRE BITES BACK, which was meant to be a book of humor without the parenting theme and f-worded title of my rather popular parody/satire I WILL NOT GO THE F**K TO SLEEP, and to gradually to replace it, is now being officially launched. (Even though it was published, there were hardly any announcements at the time, because I was preoccupied with other matters.)

More Laughs than a Cheeseburger, Fewer Calories, for about the same price

Please enjoy, presented for the first time, the complete “Death of a Minister,” my most ferocious and comprehensive political satire ever (if you know anything about Indian or Third World politics, you will love it–it has in addition a Camelot and John F. Kennedy connection), and other essays. Please note that many of the essays are similar to those in “I Will Not Go the F**k to Sleep”, as this book was meant to replace the other one; but a few are different. If you wish to gift a humorous book to a friend, and don’t think a book with the word “F**k” in its title will be appreciated, this would be the one choice from among my books; the others would be “The Revised Kama Sutra” and “What We All Need.”