Father, Rebel, Dreamer by me alone, is the result of the three-author paperback, Fathers, Rebels, Dreamers. When that paperback book could no longer be shipped easily and cheaply, I decided to publish my own contributions to that book as a solo e-book.

The result is a very different, emotional, passionate; it took me enormous courage to publish. A woman friend who read it: she more or less said that one chapter in it was the equivalent of a mindfuck.

I leave you to make your own decision about this book; it is not for milquetoasts, for the superficial, or the politically correct. It is one of the five books which are closest to my soul: they were published not primarily for profit, but because I had something to say, at all costs, whether it cost me my career or my life.

Anyway, here is a brief excerpt from a fictional piece in the book:

Many of them had been jilted by lovers, husbands, or sometimes by families which demanded that they send home money. I babied them, they babied me. We were a mutual comfort society of the battered. I had to try and find a positive side to what had happened. Such as that, perhaps,” he paused and smiled, “perhaps my ex-wife had released me from bondage so I could provide orgasms to less-privileged women.”

Here is one more excerpt:

The story I have narrated could be just the surface. Like most surfaces, it could be an illusion — Maya. But then, did I have to know everything? Is it really possible to know “the truth”, if there is such a thing? Is it not sufficient that I met a kind man, was moved by him, and gave him a voice and told his story, without making any claims that it is any more than his story?

The book is available at this website, and on Amazon, Smashwords, and a few other platforms.