Like other writers before him such as Charles Bukowski, Dostoevsky, and Henry Miller, author Richard Crasta, published in ten countries and seven languages, has been experiencing extreme financial insecurity in the last five years … often late with his rent, unsure of where the next rent payment is going to come from. He tells his gritty story, warts and all, of the humbling situations he has had to go through, and the mistakes he made.

A story that writers and readers need to be reminded of: that not all authors write bestsellers, and even the author of a much-praised book can end up doing routine jobs for little pay while his writings are unattended to, sometimes in a locker 10,000 miles away. What does such poverty do to writers and their integrity?

This is a draft of a yet to be completed book. It is offered to editors and agents, and anyone else who wishes to have an inkling, now, of what the book might look like when it comes out, many months from now.