“Sex is the most fun you can have without laughing,” said Woody Allen. But which do we need more, sex or laughter, and what is it that we ALL need? In this explosive anthology of literary, political, and sexy fiction and nonfiction, sex, laughter, politics, and public interest are blended into an unusual cocktail that includes a commentary on political correctness, anti-war and satirical essays, and issues of drugs, children, and safe sex. In addition, a secret U.S. Congressional investigates whether Indians do “it.”

This unusual and daring book begins with a Language Disclaimer and ends with an Anti-Literary Manifesto, which asserts that for a formerly colonized people, writing about sex is a political act, an act of empowerment.

“Hilarious yet satirical account of the author’s approach to sex.”–Savvy Magazine

“Distinct and thought-provoking. . . subversively redefines history. With witty, sexy, and passionate style, Richard Crasta deals with India’s tortured and confused Puritanism.”—www.living.oneindia.in

“If any Indian writer has pushed the boundaries of satirical writing, with dollops of sexual humour (and satirical writing on a lot of other serious stuff) in his own distinctive style, it’s Richard.”—www.kitaabonline.wordpress.com