This is an essay on small towns succumbing to building frenzies and the expansionist tendency of institutions and losing their charm and what made them special in the first place. If the argument in this essay is persuasive, it may be too late to save Mangalore, but other Mangalores-in-the-making might be saved..

In a letter to Dr. Marian Kamath and other Mangaloreans, in 1990, soon-to-be author Richard Crasta shared his innocent and idealistic vision for the college that had so influenced who he was.

Many years later, the institutions had won: Mangalore is now a congested city, and it is too late for Mangalore; but others might disagree and find the author’s vision quaint and quixotic. Who is right and who is wrong? The author is not sure, but wishes to share this idea as part of the history of innocence … possibly of a Paradise of innocence lost. (And sorry, people: thanks for your support, but my integrity is not for sale. I had something to say, and I wish to place it here on public record.)  Around 2,600 words (12 pages). Document.