In this ferocious satire on the Bush family: Grandpa Bush, Bush Senior, and the Dishonorable Dubya (who may be followed by President Jeb the Jerk), Conned Dee and Donald Ducksfeld “discover” the Al Stinkeroo, Iraq’s megafartacious SWMD, and demand that Iraq be totally disarmed–every steel knife and fork in the country is to be confiscated and replaced with plastic equivalents to be supplied by the Unholy Bottom Corporation, of which Dick Shinyhead, the American Vice President, was formerly the CEO.


Meanwhile, in a dream, Little George Bush (Senior) swears an oath to be loyal to the Bush Family and Big Oil forever, and is knighted Lord Bush of Iraq, a land cleared of brown people and made safe for Big Oil. Black Humor and Anti-War Political Satire, About 7000 words. Now available from Smashwords and also on this website as a direct download.