In Richard Crasta’s most discussed and controversial book after The Revised Kama Sutra, now revised in 2015, The White God delivers “The Fourteen Commandments of Impressing the Whites” to a brown “Moses.” and the result is this part no-holds-barred-satirical, part-idealistic analysis of black and white, universal racism and how we might counter and contain it.

Inscribed on two coconuts, the Commandments sum up both the secrets of success for brown/colored writers, entrepreneurs, and artists, and the distortions caused by race politics and realities in the modern world of Obama (whose hair, a comedian joked, is so white it could be a member of his Cabinet),  Zulus dressed in three-piece suits, and Bangladeshis in bowler hats.

Impressing the Whites by Richard Crasta

The 2015 edition includes an analysis of “The White Tiger,” the Booker Prize, and the meaning of Barack Obama’s election as U.S. President.