This book is a Work in Progress about a work in progress … about a father who once lived in a family that was a Paradise, where everything was nearly perfect, where the love was thick as honey. And then that Devil Money and a divorce shattered it all.  There followed many years of separation, of being denied the company of his children. Now, grown up and independent, they are all in touch with him, and love him; but much precious time has been lost.

This [is] a story of modern India, modern marriage, modern divorce, modern fatherhood, and modern children, and how their best interests are often forgotten or cast aside as people are trapped in their egos and in a cycle of vengeance, sometimes or often fueled by outsiders, by self-important “big” families with their arrogance and their crude methods of achieving their narrow ends. I don’t think a story such as this has been told before, with all its Indian trappings: writers of Indian origin are too limited, too fenced in by the Western idea of what we ought to be writing.

It being a work in progress (this present manuscript containing around 47 pages, and perhaps half of the complete book), your advance investment in this book will be rewarded as if it were a sponsorship. You will be sent coupons for two free digital books at Smashwords, and you will be included in the Acknowledgments* if you so desire. Please understand that value is subjective, and the author believes that the courageous and intimate disclosures in this book are so powerful that the price of this book, in his opinion, is fully worth the book’s value. The other condition of this book’s sale is that it is not to be shared or written about (except in a once sentence description and link) on social media, as it is in the process of being offered to a publisher.

Until the official publication date (when the book is complete), this will be a book FOR PRIVATE CIRCULATION ONLY, you, the purchaser, being considered as a sponsor/consultant/friend of the book and the author.