A Song Rediscovered thanks to the Miracle of YouTube and Google

It was late evening. The raindrops were falling on my head, and in the distance, lightning ripped through the sky towards its northern half,  as I headed out to meet a friend for a drink. I had chosen to walk Read More →

Drugs that Raze Out the Troubles of the Brain … Then Enslave

Drugs that Raze Out the Troubles of the Brain … Then Enslave Imagine living in a world with just one mirror, a mirror that is permanently fogged up except for one square centimeter of clear space in which you must see yourself. That’s what you are risking when you take that first Read More →

You May Be the Devil or You May Be the Lord

I grew up listening to a variety of different English accents, including “butler English”, “Indian English”, and diluted “British English” (meaning, imperfect but not bad, one in which the first syllables of college and body always  imitated awe and bawdy, Read More →

Rethinking the Value of My Time

Time and life wait for no man or woman, and I feel it now more than ever, so it’s time to say a few things–even though what I write must necessarily be subjective, limited, and utterly one-sided, with not enough Read More →

“Freedom is the Greater God” – Mark David Ledbetter’s Astonishing New Book on Modern History

How does one even begin to describe a big book packed with a cornucopia of intellectual and historical riches, one that is from a lively writer, historian, and linguist? Though the title, Dancing on the Edge of the Widening Gyre: Read More →

Iconoclast With Humour – The “Debonair” review of “The Revised Kama Sutra”

Iconoclast With Humour – The “Debonair” review of “The Revised Kama Sutra” Sixty blind men describing an elephant–that’s how it’s sometimes been with reviews of The Revised Kama Sutra: A Novel, and Debonair’s insightful review seems to cover aspects that India Today and Financial Express missed. This is the review of a Read More →


The Revised Kama Sutra could be the story of your life . . . Its approach to sex is warm, sensitive and very, very funny.

- Business Standard

Indefatigable good humor transcends the personal to stand for the contradictions of India as a whole. Considerable charm.

- Publishers Weekly, USA

[Eaten by the Japanese is] a tale of unmitigated horror. A handsome tribute to a man of courage and rectitude.

- Khushwant Singh

I salute you as a full-fledged colleague. Yes, I am reading you and finding you very funny!

- Kurt Vonnegut

Absolutely spectacular . . .a hilarious novel, full of wit and glib language, with a whole lot of compassion thrown in.

- Afternoon Despatch & Courier