Book Excerpts

An Ultra-Short History of Conquest or, Global Hegemony 101

The History of Conquest from Prehistoric Times to the 1920s: In the jolly old days, conquering other countries was a venerable sport, guaranteed to work wonders for everything from your image to your complexion. It was easy as picking your Read More →

Conquest, Inc. – A Time-Sharing Enterprise

Secret Offer for Non-Superpowers: Limited Expansion Opportunities Now Opening! NOT A SUPERPOWER YET? NOT TO WORRY! NOW YOU, TOO, CAN JOIN CONQUEST, INC., A TIME-SHARING ENTERPRISE (The Coalition of Willing Sidekicks) Non-superpowers of the World! Have you given up your Read More →

“Railway Man” and “Eaten by the Japanese”

As Japanese Prime Minister Abe continues to deny his country’s history, perhaps this piece, that I wrote some time back, comes to mind: I just saw Railway Man, the movie based on the bestselling book: the true story of Eric Read More →

The Killing of an Author: The New Preface

[Before you even start, this essay or edition is an afterthought; The Killing of an Author has been loved by some wonderful people--and was No. 1 on a list of books recommended by NDTV, for a couple of months. It Read More →


The Revised Kama Sutra could be the story of your life . . . Its approach to sex is warm, sensitive and very, very funny.

- Business Standard

Indefatigable good humor transcends the personal to stand for the contradictions of India as a whole. Considerable charm.

- Publishers Weekly, USA

[Eaten by the Japanese is] a tale of unmitigated horror. A handsome tribute to a man of courage and rectitude.

- Khushwant Singh

I salute you as a full-fledged colleague. Yes, I am reading you and finding you very funny!

- Kurt Vonnegut

Absolutely spectacular . . .a hilarious novel, full of wit and glib language, with a whole lot of compassion thrown in.

- Afternoon Despatch & Courier