Author of The Revised Kama Sutra and 15 other books

“Works in Progress”: My New Book, Back Again as a Download

The title of my new book, “Works in Progress,” emphasizes my position that nothing is final for me: I am always open to rethinking my conclusions (if any), and my stories are just one tiny strand in the vast tapestry Read More →

Butter Chicken in Ludhiana, Chicago Book Fair Thoughts (1996)

(Random thoughts, in 1996, of an evolving, changing mind*.) Butter Chicken in Ludhiana is a hilarious book, though having admired its author greatly, and perhaps too much, I suddenly began to ask myself, “Who does Pankaj Mishra think he is?” Read More →

How We All Contain the Other … from “Impressing the Whites”

Formatting my 2000 book Impressing the Whites in order to make it easily available on and Amazon, I was surprised by some lines in the document (yes, authors write many books, and sometimes forget much of what they’ve written Read More →

The Mahatma, the Goats, and Young Cats: My Humor Collection

The Mahatma, the Goats, and Young Cats: My Humor Collection When I was in my late teens, I used to read Punch magazine, and one of my favorite writers was Alan Coren, who published a humor collection titled Golfing for Cats. It turned out that the book had nothing to Read More →

Paperbacks of Revised Kama Sutra, Fathers Rebels, Impressing, etc.

UPDATED Jan 15, 2016: These three books are very close to my heart. And I’m pretty much coming to the point where the last copies of the classic editions are running out (Please don’t buy the Avatar Prabhu U.S. edition Read More →

“Railway Man” and “Eaten by the Japanese”

As Japanese Prime Minister Abe continues to deny his country’s history, perhaps this piece, that I wrote some time back, comes to mind: I just saw Railway Man, the movie based on the bestselling book: the true story of Eric Read More →


The Revised Kama Sutra could be the story of your life . . . Its approach to sex is warm, sensitive and very, very funny.

- Business Standard

Indefatigable good humor transcends the personal to stand for the contradictions of India as a whole. Considerable charm.

- Publishers Weekly, USA

[Eaten by the Japanese is] a tale of unmitigated horror. A handsome tribute to a man of courage and rectitude.

- Khushwant Singh

I salute you as a full-fledged colleague. Yes, I am reading you and finding you very funny!

- Kurt Vonnegut

Absolutely spectacular . . .a hilarious novel, full of wit and glib language, with a whole lot of compassion thrown in.

- Afternoon Despatch & Courier