The Special Edition (more humor) of “I Will Not Go the F**k to Sleep”–paperback

Wishing you a merry Christmas. The season of peace. The season of children. The season of joy.

If you are so inclined, having come this far, the following books with a pro-child, pro-freedom, pro-peace, anti-violence point of view could make thoughtful Christmas gifts (please keep in mind that the first 2 paperbacks are f-word friendly; if you are allergic to certain words, the third paperback, or most of my other books, should be fine: especially Impressing the Whites and The Killing of an Author):

PAPERBACKS: (bigger anthology, has more humor, and the complete “Death of a Minister”) (anthology)

And these e-books:  and  (anthologies)

[When I mean pro-child, I mean these books above take an imaginary child’s point of view, and have an occasionally juvenile sense of humor! Two of the essays are f-word friendly; the rest are mostly political and general humor, and include some of my best. Pro-laughter: for sure.)

Though the son of an Army man, I’ve always had a distaste for violence, and have naturally rebelled against authoritarian control.

Which is why . . . I feel these books (silly as they may be at times) speak for something deep within me.

And so might this book, which is a simple POW story and a poignant description of the state of people who suffer because of war, showing that, reduced to their basic human condition, we are all the same: politics and war are meaningless, the machinations of businessmen and politicians who send other people to fight their wars:

Also anti-war, pro-love, pro-child, anti-repression: WHAT WE ALL NEED and THE REVISED KAMA SUTRA (in its own way) and THE WHOLE WORLD IN HIS PANTS (which is a selection of best passages from the childhood, teenage and early adult years of the protagonist).

And anti-racist, anti-injustice, pro-fairness and equality: IMPRESSING THE WHITES
and THE KILLING OF AN AUTHOR. A superficial look at these books might give you the wrong idea, because my books take time to get their message across. And I truly believe that injustice, inequality, and racism are among the root causes for war, violence, and unhappiness.