I am pleased to announce that, at present, readers may instantly download any of the following books with either a credit/debit card or with Paypal (the financial details are handled by Paypal–the Download program is a WordPress plug-in; and the buyer gets a download link after payment and does it himself/herself; I know nothing about the order except that a purchase has been made):

This is a partial list (for the full list, go here ):

The Revised Kama Sutra: A Novel
Impressing the Whites

When David Davidar Drank My Wine

Eaten by the Japanese: The Memoir of an Unknown Indian Prisoner of War


My Introduction to Love


What is the advantage? Mainly, that it helps the author to continue writing, and in this case, also to finance the retrieval of writing files (containing handwritten, unduplicated writings and correspondence essential to his current projects) from the New York/New Jersey area. No commission to be shared with a multinational company, and no delays in payment.

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Regarding prices: literary books are usually priced higher than other books (except technical and scientific books, which are priced much higher), for a simple reason: they require more work and more care, and have a much smaller audience (sometimes, as small as 0-5). This is because┬ámost literary readers stick to the famous names. My books are mostly in the literary fiction or literary nonfiction categories (including satire and humor). Besides, if the price of a book seems to be lower on some platforms, it’s so just by a dollar or two; and sometimes, the price on this website has not been updated to reflect the latest prices on various platforms.)

Yet another way to support this author to write courageously is to buy paperback books from http:/bit.ly/CrastaCS In these cases, the royalties go directly to the author. Thank you!