Banned books in India - Censorship causes BlindnessFreedom Lovers: Please note that none of Richard Crasta’s 12 published books in print except for the odd copy of the critically acclaimed The Revised Kama Sutra (republished by HarperCollins India in October 2010 and officially still in print) or One Little Indian are available anywhere in India (though available online through Flipkart and harpercollins-india. Most Indian readers who had read “The Revised Kama Sutra” and loved it did not even know of the existence of the author’s other books.  For people in the publishing/distributing/bookselling business to shut out writers, literature, and opinions from the debate because they don’t like one or more of their opinions, or bear an ancient personal grudge against them–that is a primitive mentality, and thought fascism (denying the right of the public to a rainbow variety of thought, writing, and opinion)–yes, fascism, whether it be practiced by liberals, rightists, or the completely amoral and soulless.

I, the author, no longer have a base in India because of financial difficulties, and cannot supply books any longer (except sometimes, with great difficulty and at great cost, by using an intermediary who must be paid for his time!). But when I could, the books that were banned the most and refused on sight by booksellers and distributors were “What We All Need” and “Impressing the Whites”–the latter book being totally unavailable to Indians since around 2001. This is why this website offers to sell books (which is very inconvenient and uneconomical, since we get one order every few months): as an act of resistance and defiance of  censorship and Ayatollahism.

An appeal to all Indians! Please protect your right to information, opinion, and free expression; strongly urge your bookseller to stock and display the author’s books.

To those Indians who are repelled if not outraged by this situation, please order through this book site (even though it may cost more), or through or order e-books which can now be read on Android devices as well as on all I-phones, I-pads, Kindles, and such.  Links are provided on book pages; a more comprehensive list is on this page:

As for the Little Ayatollah Awards to Indians who have tried to out-Ayatollah the Ayatollah, but who, unlike the original Ayatollah (Khomeini), do not have the balls to do so openly, they will be announced sometime in the future, after Salman Rushdie has agreed to be part of the Awards Committee.