UPDATED Jan 15, 2016:

These three books are very close to my heart. And I’m pretty much coming to the point where the last copies of the classic editions are running out (Please don’t buy the Avatar Prabhu U.S. edition (hardcover), unless you’re too poor to afford any other (I’d prefer a reader to money)–I was cheated by the U.S. publisher, who has flooded the market with the books he printed, but that I get no royalties on. And the blue HarperCollins India edition is being illegally sold in the US, instead of in being in Indian bookstores). At the moment, l have access to around 10 copies of The Revised Kama Sutra–either from Penguin India or Fourth Estate, UK. And 10 copies of Fathers, Rebels, and Dreamers by three authors: me, Arunachalam Kumar, and Ralph Nazareth. I also have a few copies of “Impressing the Whites”, the original paperback edition with the satirical drawings.

Actually, some books can be shipped THIS SATURDAY, January 16, to any address in the continental U.S. (the price includes shipping to a U.S. address); please write to me about any other countries; you can use the contact form or write to rc@richardcrasta.com to find out how to pay me (Paypal or by check). For this Saturday, it is Pay What You Wish (within Reason) plus fair shipping costs (so, between $15-$25 per book, as you wish). Beyond that date, for the next 3 weeks, it’s a flat 20 $ per book including shipping ($18 for Fathers, Rebels). Yet another possibility: buy $35 worth of e-books from from my Buy-books-direct link, and I’ll send you one of these free.

Any friends of Arunachalam Kumar from Kasturba Medical College, who was my co-author and occupies a prime place in this book? Well, you might wish to buy a few of the last paperback copies and distribute/gift them to your other friends.

(Sorry, none of these books will be autographed, because I’m now far away from the place they are being shipped from!)