The Revised Kama Sutra: A Novel

E-book edition of widely published and celebrated novel, "The Revised Kama Sutra" The Revised Kama Sutra tells the story of Vijay Prabhu, a small-town, middle-class Indian boy, a survivor of assorted Jesuit boarding schools and the Five Pillars of Oppression—bells, canes, penis shame, girl shame, and sports. Filled with erotic longing and Read More →
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Impressing the Whites, The New International Slavery

Impressing the Whites, The New International Slavery Described as "brilliant social criticism" and "courageous", Impressing the Whites expresses the unspoken thoughts of many nonwhites, and how they negotiate their lives in a world where "white is the color of power." It expresses what nonwhites "often say amongst Read More →
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The Killing of an Author

The Killing of an Author What did Saul Bellow's agent, Sonny Mehta, and Tim O'Brien have in common? Why was John Updike upset by an honest compliment? What did Tim O'Brien read to his girl friend? What was the racket run by Norman Mailer's superagent? Read More →
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Eaten by the Japanese

Eaten by the Japanese John Baptist Crasta's only mistake was to be in the wrong place at the wrong time--Singapore, when the Japanese invaded--and to be a man of "rectitude and courage". His memoir tells of his miraculous survival through 3.5 years as a Read More →
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Beauty Queens, Children And The Death Of Sex

Beauty Queens, Children And The Death Of Sex This is a censored book, imperfect as the human species, uneven, but startlingly courageous in parts. You still won’t find too many books like this in print. Read More →
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Father, Rebel, Dreamer

Father, Rebel, Dreamer This short anthology of essays and stories is full of surprises, passion, and humor, and is for the sophisticated reader with a sense of humor but who does not shy away from the dark side of life. The book touches Read More →
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The Revised Kama Sutra could be the story of your life . . . Its approach to sex is warm, sensitive and very, very funny.

- Business Standard

Indefatigable good humor transcends the personal to stand for the contradictions of India as a whole. Considerable charm.

- Publishers Weekly, USA

[Eaten by the Japanese is] a tale of unmitigated horror. A handsome tribute to a man of courage and rectitude.

- Khushwant Singh

I salute you as a full-fledged colleague. Yes, I am reading you and finding you very funny!

- Kurt Vonnegut

Absolutely spectacular . . .a hilarious novel, full of wit and glib language, with a whole lot of compassion thrown in.

- Afternoon Despatch & Courier