It was late evening. The raindrops were falling on my head, and in the distance, lightning ripped through the sky towards its northern half,  as I headed out to meet a friend for a drink. I had chosen to walk on a road with little shelter from a possible storm. Just that afternoon, I had received socks that my feet were too big for, and my friend had joked about my fussy big feet.

All of a sudden, as if from nowhere, a song I have never much cared for or even known, but often heard decades back, entered my head: Raindrops keep falling on my head.

To which I added, improvising:

Just like the guy whose feet are too big for his socks!

And laughed. I wouldn’t be stopped by a few raindrops. I would walk that partly lonely road, where the pollution is less. And if I got wet, I got wet.

I had my used Samsung S5 in my pocket. I took it out, and searched for “Raindrops Keep Falling YouTube”, and started playing it. As I heard the song, seemingly for the first time with clarity, I realized this song spoke to me in so many areas of my current life, the raindrops had been serendipitous. As had been my first purchase of a smartphone this January. This time, instead of hearing just a few repeated lines, I heard every word, and those words I didn’t yet get, I searched Google for lyrics.

And smiled at the words “Did me some talking to the sun” and “I’m free!”–the freespirited ballsiness of the song. This was just the song for me at this moment in my life, when raindrops were falling, and I found myself occasionally complaining, with little result (the squeaky wheel doesn’t always get the most grease). The raindrops were very welcome after a very hot day, and I missed them when they had stopped, when I was closer to the restaurant I would be meeting my friend at. Once I was well inside, though, they started pouring, and it didn’t matter.

Nothing’s worrying me!